Polar GLOVES with paw

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Price: 30 BGN

/15 EUR/


  • Fabric: Polartec Classic 200, leatherette
  • Accessories: YKK
  • Size: M, L, XL, 2 XL


Milo polar gloves with paw and 4 cut finger. Extremely comfortable and practical. The mobile polar paw prevents your fingers freeze. Easily removed and conveniently attaches with Velcro to the main glove to not interfere with the freedom of movement. Provides maximum convenience in use.

Polartec is a nice warming, lightweight, breathable and quick-drying fabric. It represents 100% polyester fabric that forms the air spaces in themselves and thus retains body heat. Unlike the cheaper similar fabrics, Polartec retains its insulating ability even after repeated washing.

Polartec Classic is regarded as a symbol of a standard unmatched quality and durability. Polartec Classic 200 is the most versatile variety, offering guaranteed heat and resistance.

Лого Polartec

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