MILO LABoratory of comfort

MILO - laboratory of comfort

Our History

Milo-92 Ltd. was founded in 1992, in the name of our love for the mountain and the unrealized dreams of loved ones who are no longer with us.
We started with two sewing machines, several meters of fabric and a bag of down feather, coupled with constructive idealism and strong determination.
For 25 years we have been manufacturing and down feather products and professional mountaineering equipment on the Bulgarian and international market.

Our Mission

We have always strived to provide superior protection in extreme conditions, while keeping a high focus on comfortability and weight, because we know how important it is to feel protected and light at the same time. To manufacture our products, we use materials of the highest quality, from the most recognized and endorsed brands in the world – we follow the latest tendencies and we integrate the latest technologies.
Overall, we believe that the guaranteed quality that our customers receive is the reason why they keep coming back, hence we have made it our mission to keep the quality level of our products as high as possible, no matter the cost.
We are also well versed in manufacturing unique models entirely based on the demands and specific needs of our customers.

Contact us and together we can realize your dreams!

Our Partners

We have provided equipment for several expeditions, including two Bulgarian National expeditions, Broad Peak `02 and Everest `04, along with equipping many private expeditions to the highest peaks across all continents.
Furthermore, our products are worn and used by some of the best and most recognizable Bulgarian mountain climbers: Petya Kolcheva, Kamen Kolchev, Boyan Petrov, Petko Totev, Jeko Vatev, Atanas Skatov and many others.
Over the years, we have partnered and provided equipment to the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service, the technical teams of Telenor, Cordeel, KWP, along with many marketing and security companies.
We have many loyal customers that have walked with us and supported us through the years. They are giving us a reason to envolve and to do what we are doing with pleasure and eagerness to delight anyone who owns any of our products. We believe in long-time relationships and there is nothing that makes us happier than seeing a person coming back, after experiencing any of our equipment.

We thank you for all the support and confidence you have given us through the years!